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Jul. 30th 2018

Today was amazing and I love ❤️ my three year old so much! As we prepare for fall I’m proud this will be his second year in regular school. (Private) Our children’s education, development, people skills, loving ability, and creative skills all start at home first 🏡. But it up to us to sacrifice to keep those seeds planted! Therefore, I was forced to adjust myself for the love, guidance, and safety of my children! Everyday is about planting seeds in them that they will be able to carry on life, love ❤️, legacy, and happiness. We have to make sure we preserve the energy, ideas, experience, and to laugh a little more! Everyday, is about tomorrow and it my duty to insure he is a honorable man when he grows up just like his father! I’m proud of them both and my village! It takes a village to raise a child! I thank my parents for being unselfish and allowing our village to help raise me! ( Farm House) Our children are the future, the light of the world, another generation of greatness and we have to fertilize them in every way possible! Let continue to connect with other family and make God proud! The most important job God has given us is to be amazing mother, sisters, wives, friends, and women who will make sure Gods work is done ✅! Be fruitful and multiply! Have a blessed day I love you guys!

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Embrace Change

Jul. 28th 2018

Good Morning, We often don’t realize our bodies change every 30days in a cycle. Your taste buds can also change. Once apron a time I decided to switch from sugar to honey 🍯 in my hot tea! It took me 30 days to adjust and that was 8 years ago. The work is the same it changes every moment, day, month, year, and season. Embrace the change, season), joy, laughter, and lessons! Do what you love ❤️ with the people you love ❤️! Keep collecting great memories and experiences that will be everlasting. Last night I watched Mars and the moon from Washington, DC. I love ❤️ clouds ☁️ and the universe has been so good 😊 in sending all the things my hearts ♥️ desires! Focus! Continue to live, love ❤️, and create! Most of all we have to accept and love ❤️ ourselves and then we can love ❤️ the world, protect our children, animal, and most of all Mother Earth 🌏!

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Cherish The Day

Jul. 27th 2018

Often our minds are racing about tomorrow, we sometimes never get a chance to enjoy today! Happy 😊 Friday! Be encouraged and live out your most beautiful dreams today! Laugh, dance 💃, celebrate 🎉, and let’s enjoy 😊 how far we came to make it to the celebration of to! Rejoice! Give thanks, praise, and eat some healing foods to restore your soul! Take a chance today to be your greatest version.

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Jul. 12th 2018

Happy Thursday! Change will happen everyday! I have learned to let life flow like a river! One day that river will flow into the ocean! Do what you can do today, to make a better tomorrow! We have to remember connection is life! Life is energy and we have to make sure we are thriving in Gods grace! We have to let go of the steering wheel sometimes and know God is there guiding, loving, embracing us as well as sending us on a journey for his will! Today will be a amazing day, we will never see this day again! Live, Love, and Create!

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