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Archive for September, 2018

Sunday Sun ☀️ and Sunflowers 🌻

Sep. 30th 2018

This morning I woke up, my soul as well as my cousin voice in my head said go outside and worship! Meditation, Waking with God, and Community work has been keeping me busy! ❤️😍 I love every moment of it! I’m enjoying motherhood and all the lessons that are taught from your children! Nothing is easy, especially if it’s worth it!

Balance, time management, and a awesome support system can help us all go a long way! Today I challenged each of you to make a new connection! Talk to someone about that thing you love ❤️ and go for it! Remember all things are possible! If you believe you truly will receive! Also as humans we are growing aways! Please keep in mind we do what we can do until we can do better! For example I’m a vegetarian transitioning into being a vegan! I’m vegan when I’m alone! However, when I’m around my family I’m a veterinarian! One day I will make it to the other side completely! But let’s give thanks, praises, and acknowledge to my creator for helping me heal!

Do what you desire to do! Live your purpose that you feel in your heart you were called to do! Always being grateful and thankful for the opportunities in life! Be encouraged, I hope this helps someone today!

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Fall Lover

Sep. 29th 2018

Happy Saturday! It’s a new season! New beginnings and new adventures are right around the corner! Embrace the work and the beautiful things around you! Nature can teach us many lessons in life! But we must be humble, loving, an listen to Mother Nature! Be your greatest version today!

No gardener reap all the fruits 🍉 or harvest in one ☝️ season! Life is a beautiful process and it gets better when we learn to embrace and enjoy the process!

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