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Happy 😊 Birthday πŸŽ‰ to my Son β˜€οΈ

Oct. 30th 2018

This day is extra special my man child was born! Four years ago I became a super hero birthing children and bringing life into the world 🌎! Finally, I was someone’s mother and it was a boy! I have always claimed that my first child would be a boy! I would tell people that God knew the desires of my heart! He is my parents first grandson!

Everyday is about laughter, growth, and learning experience! He is teaching me to relax, recreate, and that life can be simple! I find joy in the simple pleasures in life! All our children want is to be loved, attention, and to have a purpose in life! His purpose is amazing because I know the universe and God has called him to do amazing things! I know he is an will inspire millions of people! He is a farmer continuing our legacy of love, growing our food, riding dirt bikes, and giving love! My birthday πŸŽ‰ is on Friday and I truly enjoy his day more! I thank god for giving me a man child,”my son β˜€οΈ” my light!

My son β˜€οΈ is a light house all alone! Planting him was the greatest harvest I could reap! Happy 😊 4th birthday to my son! I honor my responsibility as a mother! 🌱πŸ₯—β˜€οΈπŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦πŸ¦‚πŸ¦‚πŸŒ²βœ¨πŸ

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Fall Walks in Nature

Oct. 29th 2018

We need to get up and out! Did you reconnect with your body, mind, and soul! Did you embrace nature and the fact that God wanted you to be apart of this special thing called the world 🌎! Enjoy today 😊smiling, laughing, walking, and most of all doing some of the things you love! ❀️

Life is to short! Embrace today! Eat a health salad! Maybe today is the day you choose to start the seven day vegan challenge to healing! Remember you are you greatest version! Please feel free to DM me on Instagram if you have a specific topic, question, or you want to learn about gardening! Have a awesome day!

P.s. A 10 minute walk could change your mind! When your mind changes your life changes! Health is wealth baby!

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Be Inspired

Oct. 28th 2018

Happy 😊 Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Relax, Reflect, and Review!

I’m so excited about all the new projects, goals, opportunities we have at Custom Creations! Everyday is a chose to live our dreams unapologetic! Smiling, laughing πŸ˜‚, creating, and trying to find the good in each day! If you believe, keep working towards your dreams, and whole heartily love ❀️ what you do I promise life will happen! Thanking God for another day for us to live out our purpose in life! Now if only I could go skating this week that would be the icing one my cake!

I encourage you all to live, laugh more, and do what truly makes your heart smile! I have been building a miniature farm house 🏑 community for me and my friends and barbies to live on! My mentor and I are imagining what type of dolls we want to be! It’s fall and I’m so grateful for the season of change 🍁! Change your mindset, if we change our midgets, love ourselves more, and love ❀️ the people around us we can truly make the world 🌎 a better place! Remember to spend some quality time with your creator and know thyself! Everything we need is within us, all we have to do is showup!

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Getting Back to You – Mothers & Wives

Oct. 26th 2018

Hello Happy Friday! I hope you all are having a amazing day! Have you ever heard the song ” I give myself away so you can use me” that was kind of the story of my life! I’m a natural giver who loves helping other! I love ❀️ my family very much! I’m a mother of 2 and a wife! But the question is who am I? Who am I without all my titles, roles, labels, and expectations?

I’m a woman who is a lover and a creator! My parents had a rough time and I spent the last 18 years trying to find my way, live my best life, make the people I love around me happy 😊! The truth is I learned that we all have to personally be responsible for our feelings, desires, and creations! We all are working towards being whole people, growing, learning, and sharing with one another! Life can be simple, but unity is the most important! Let’s embrace who we are and what we truly want to be!

We only get one life to live, be your greatest version, remember to spend some time alone to regroup! Life is about growth, change, cycles, and so much more! Laugh more, dance more, and go for that one thing you want to be! I believe in you and from my personal experience if you plan yourself God will make you grow! Happy Friday πŸ˜πŸΎπŸπŸ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŒ

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Dance πŸ’ƒ, Keep on Dancing

Oct. 25th 2018

This is my new theme song about life! Forget a road black I’m going to keep dancing and take another route! Never give up and remember life is all about lessons, growth, change, and new opportunities! At 20 years old we wouldn’t be having this conversation! I wouldn’t be open hearing this! I want exactly what I want, when I want, and how I want it! Wow, God showed me, healed me, and held my hand threw life because it would be that way!

So much happen in my family and in went through a rough patch! Emotional from my parents divorce, a new mom, and I had just taken a position out of state! I want life to be perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ and I promise you that made me break! One day, I realized I was awesome with overcoming and adapting to issues in the world and it was easy for me to adjust! However, in the past when it affected my family, health, or life I would completely resist! Life is all about flowing, trusting, loving, believing, and forgiving yourself everyday! Forgiving yourself for having such extreme expectations out of life! Forgiving yourself for rushing, not having a lot of fun, and being so damn serious! Children truly teach you and bring out the joy in their parents! It’s another cycle of growing, learning, loving and most of all change! Nothing last forever not even one breath! Live, Love ❀️, and Create! Most of all embrace the present 🎁 moment! It is truly a gift of life! Be encouraged you got this!

Go to nature and I promise you Mother Earth 🌏 is waiting to teach you! She knew us before we knew ourselves and the amazing things we would do I this world!

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Country Living

Oct. 24th 2018

I love ❀️ the country! I love watching the clouds and feeling the breeze! Family, food, and fun are the things I value the most in life! Growing up has been challenging because we all have to work! Pizza πŸ• parties πŸŽ‰, sleep overs, and hay rides are the story of my like. I’m loving fall and all it has to over! Growth, life, and change are things I’m learning to embrace now that I’m 30 year old. I love going for walks, watching the leaves change colors, and taking in deep breathe!

Capture the moment and take a deep breathe! Enjoy 😊 the universe and all it presents! Change is 😊 it allows growth! If something isn’t growing my grandmother would say “it’s dead”! Be optimistic! That’s why I love ❀️ the country so much! Nature! There are four season in one year of life! Embracing all the new. Things I will learn, share, create, and rebuild!

Life is like a Canvas you can alway create a new beginning! Be encouraged! Remember god never gives us more than we can bare! The gift 🎁, glory, and reward is on the other side!

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Go Alone – God Awaits

Oct. 23rd 2018

Growing up on the farm I always had my olde cousins and big sister! However they all were much older so I spent a lot of my journey alone. My family members showed me many skills, talents, and they always encourage me! The most important thing that my family taught me was to do what’s best for me! My sister would always encouraged me to live my life! My dad told me I could do whatever I wanted as long as I was ok living my own life! I work truly hard to please, help, support, and care for my family!

As the baby πŸ‘Ά I rushed to grow up to make my food print in society! I hit the ground running πŸƒ! I’m only 5ft and I have learned so much! Most of all I learned that I will always be a lover, child at heart ❀️, love nature, and give to others in need! Follow your dreams and remember you can do anything that you focus on! Live, Love, and Create!

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Make Time For Who and What you Love ❀️

Oct. 22nd 2018

Happy Monday! The world 🌎 is constantly turning and we are always rushing through life! When do you get a chance to just sit, with no expectations? Just breathe! My life was spinning out of control because I’m a adult and we have so many responsibilities! That got old soon! I had to change my pace! One day I cried because, I truly desire to have fun, care, and teach my children about life! My grandmother is 83 years old and I have learned that I have to make time for her weekly. Because time waits for no one! Having a family of your own, working full time, and trying to start a farm is a lot of responsibility! But I know I can do it with awesome πŸ‘ time management! This week is all about making time for the ones we love, enjoying fall, and the chance in the universe! We will never get this day back again! πŸŒ±πŸŒ»β˜€οΈπŸŒ 🍁

Do something you love ❀️! I went to the pumpkin patch with my loves! It brings out the kid in me and brings forth relaxation! 😁 I’m going to go skating this week! I also built me a miniature cabin on a autumn πŸ‚ farm! Everyday I’m working towards being my greatest version! The more I take care of me, the healthier I am for my children, family, community, and for the first time I feel balanced! Live a life full of purpose, love, balance, and enjoyment! β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŒπŸ‰πŸ₯—πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ Be inspired, we all are amazing! I hope you all have a amazing week! Follow us on Instagram @Customcreationsbymrsb

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Laundry, Fall, and Kids Colds

Oct. 6th 2018

Happy Saturday p! I love fall and I have aOCD! I love family time and the simply things! It’s time for me to watch cartoons with my loves! My son came to snuggle next to me this morning! He reminds me of being a child and how I use to do the same thing with my mom!

Laundry, I do it everyday but Saturday us a great opportunity for folding and getting a few things together before the baby wakes up! It’s 7:39 in the morning! I have already had a chance to work out at 5am then back to bed for my nap 😴 before he came to wake me up!

Embracing everyday, morning, opportunity, and learning from my children! My son has cold so we won’t be able to go to the art museum today! However, our home 🏑 is a studio and we can create our own project on colds and what we can use from the garden to heal our colds!

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Follow Your Heart ❀️ Dreams Are Real

Oct. 6th 2018

Your imagination can carry you along way! Creativity is expression! Everything that we had was create for our use! Therefore, everyday I’m learning how to be innovative, create more, bringing my love 😍 into the world! I am my greatest version and so are you! Healing is imperative in the the 4 season of life! Everything has a life cycle, purpose, and we all can add more value, love ❀️, and creativity into the world!

Be encouraged! Continue to believe in yourself, creating whatever makes you smile, and make sure your laughing while you enjoying yourself completing that action! Remember love heals all! If we plant 🌱 ourselves God will make us grow! We will heal mentally, physically, and spiritual if we continue to love ❀️, take care of ourselves, as well as the ones we love! Happy Friday! Be fruitful and multiply! Remember everything you need is within you all you have to do is show up!

If no one ☝️ to,d you they love ❀️ you today, I love you ❀️ and the universe loves you too! The animals will love you even more if you help save their lives! Join me for the 7 day vegan challenge!

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