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Self Love

Nov. 30th 2018

Stop 🛑! Take a moment for yourself! Celebrate 🎉 life and each breathe you are able to take this day! Do something for yourself! Do something everlasting! Today I chose to enjoy the sunrise 🌅 (priceless) Today I chose to enjoy the ones I love ❤️ ! Creating laughter, joy, awesome memories, and internal joy down in my soul! Nothing else matters!

Mango Juice! Today I will plant seeds of joy, ❤️ love, and most of all self care! No Christmas shopping this year! Americans forgot about the joy of the season, forget the sales, debts, and unpleasant shoppers behavior! Living my best life in nature!

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Happy Friday

Nov. 9th 2018

Life is full of surprises and you never know what to expect! My car 🚗 has been giving me the blues! I was recently hit by a drunk driver! He was older man who hit my car and ran. Now I’m on a mission to get all my car issues resolved! But most of all smiling, laughing, and learning from this experience. Knowledge is power! Remember you better shop around! 💰

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Nov. 7th 2018

Freedom is our birth right! Today I honor Mamma my great aunt Dot! My grandfathers sister is my favorite aunt/ grandmother! I’m inspired because I love ❤️ my family’s legacy! They are the strongest and most innovative people I have ever met! I owe my accomplishments in life to my family! They have showed me the way, inspired me, and showed me how to survive! Most of all they showed me how to make something out of life! Everything you need is within you, all you have to do is show up! Crying 😭 because they gave me everything I needed on the farm that this would be true! Who new I would be given everything I needed to survive darkness! I didn’t know I was the light for real! Just like us my family have sent many of us in the wilderness! But we all are light houses 🏡 alone! Sharing love ❤️, light ☀️, peace ✌️, and joy!

I aim rich with my purpose, creations, family, legacy, and team work! I am William Marshall Graves! That enough! That’s all I need in this life time! I want to also say I love ❤️ you all!

Today I will plants 🌱 some love in the soil for uncle Jap ❤️🎉🌱🏡🎁

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Follow your dreams

Nov. 5th 2018

I can remover being a little girl on the farm and imagining everything I have today in my life! I remember the days I prayed for everything I have now! My dreams actually turned into my reality! We are what we think! I want my heart to be as light as a feather! I’m a lover life is about growth, laughing, having fun, and assisting others! I turned 31 on Friday and now I’m setting new goals, dreams, and excited because I know God and the universe will give me the desires of my heart ❤️! But remember we all have to believe in order to receive! Sometimes, we block our own blessing when we aren’t following our heart!

I’m so grateful to have moved out of my head and into my body! Custom Creations is growing and inspiring hundreds of people! One days it will be millions of people! My dreams our dolls houses, creation, eating the foods I grow, healing, laughing, loving, exploring, as i constantly grow through this thing called life! Everyday I get a new opportunity to believe, receive, and most of all take action! You have to love ❤️ your dreams so much that you wake up, bringing them to life! Chasing them and capturing them! Live, Love ❤️, and Create!

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Sundays Reflection

Nov. 3rd 2018

Happy Sunday! I had a amazing birthday! Life is all about growth, responsibility, and giving love ❤️! I was truly honor to have a birthday 🎉 consultation with the forgiveness expert! I told her how I wanted to emotionally clear out all the things I have feared that are actually ok 👌🏾 to do!

It’s 6am and if you have been along my journey I have been a Chef and in Catering Service! I recently transitioned to being a vegetarian and vegan and it has truly changed my mind, health, and energy levels! I haven’t been sick 😷 or ill! Today is the day I let go of all my meat cook books, menus, and business plans! Yesterday I sat down and explained to my family why I will be unable to cook Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas 🎄 dinner as we grow older! That food was killing me and if you ever watch me eat it, you would understand why this is a triumph moment in my life! Allowing me to live, love ❤️, create, praise, give, as well accept the things I can no change! But the strength to change the things I can! Plant 🌱 something that can heal your families today!

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Lost Blog Post – Joy in the day

Nov. 1st 2018

Happy Thursday! It’s a beautiful fall day and I’m enjoying the leaves as they fall off the trees! I create a beautiful post for you all this morning that was all about joy! I had join when I woke up today! But when I can to work my best buddy was back on the scene! I lit up in amazement! His job was discontinued, but he has several service and we are back working together again! Don’t you just appreciate kindred souls, laughter, education, and serving your community?

Carol and I went for amazing walks in the wilderness to spend a moment with god and nature! Capturing his voice, views, as he comforts our souls! Find the joy in eat day! Breathe and embrace the change and growth in each season!

Grateful, today he definitely opened my mind to anything is possible and sometimes we have to build our own bridge, seat at the table, or opportunities! Live, Love ❤️, and Create!

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