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Love ❀️ with make you so happy inside! Imani/ Faith

Dec. 31st 2018

πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ€— All smiles on this amazing day! Celebrating Imani! Imani is my daughters name she is name after my little cousin! Watching my baby girl gives me so much joy, laughter,

And happiness! She is so smart, funny, and a Alfa female just like her mama! Watching her as she grows! I remember when we planted her seed in the Caribbean and she loves ❀️Mexican food too! She just woke up from a name! I grab her bottle and a apple sauce! She then, yells at me! She wanted the apple 🍎 sauce! After I give it to her she smiles and slides down the step as she eats the apple 🍎 sauce! My future blogger, she mad now because she wants to assist in typing this message! Mommy moments are so precious I wish this stage could last forever! She has been standing on her own two feet since birth, literally she did that the first day! Stand up for One Love, One Peace, Humanity, Saving Animal, Planting our food, and loving one another more and more everyday! I wish you all love, joy, happiness, and unity in the new year!

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IBS Living and Healing

Dec. 31st 2018

Happy Monday! I’m grateful for all the amazing people I was able to connect with in 2018. I hope you all have a wonderful new year! Maybe, we can plant something in the new year together! When I first became ill I didn’t realize I was becoming what I ate! My pain was coming from the meats, processed food, and sugar I continued to eat! Until, I went back to farming and growing my own food! If you have IBS or and digestive issues I want you to know you are not alone! You can and you will heal it just takes one step at a time! I always tell my clients ” we do what we can do, until we can do better”!

This year was all about Support Groups, Planting Classes, and Nutrition Lessons on how my students can give themselves pain relief with a plant base diet, daily walks, and stress management! I found that too often they were going to the doctors three times a week and no one was helping them! The truth is we can help ourselves! Mother Earth 🌏 planted us in her belly and she gave us everything we need to live in abundance and survive! Life is free and freedom is our birthright! Instead industry tell us that we must and we have to buy our foods! It was that same food at the store that made me cry, ache, made my bowels hurt, and that tried to slowly kill me as I ate it everyday!

Plant 🌱 something! I went back into my books of remedies, family recipes, and I began to heal myself as well as others!

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Clean House

Dec. 30th 2018

Happy Sunday! I’m enjoying my last week of 2018 with my family! It’s Kwanzaa and we have been crafting, celebrating, and making some amazing plant based food! I’m excited today I’m going back to the donation center to drop off more items we don’t need! I’m in the season of clearing out and preparing for new possibilities! I’m learning how to better organize my thoughts, goals, desires, experience, and to turn that into a product!

The house is clean! Everything has been pulled out, floor mops, and throwing out all the children’s old cloths! Join me “Let the decluttering begin” ! I’m preparing today for a amazing 2019!

Mission & Goal: I’m working on creating a amazing πŸ˜‰ assembly line for my team! We are looking into more organizations solutions for moms! Laundry was a huge headache πŸ€• for me in 2018! Therefore, I have adapted to let go of anything that isn’t serving me! That’s including stuff! I’m preparing for more freedom, function, and most importantly more time with my children! Let’s get rid of the junk so we can live, love, and create more! Happy Kwanzaa

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Self love

Dec. 12th 2018

What is your definition of self love? I absolutely love nature and all the free things it’s offers, lessons, deep breaths, meditation, and gardening! 2018 has been a amazing year for me, my family, and Custom Creations! Everyday, I’m inspiring hundreds of people soon to be millions! Self love is making time for yourself, taking care of your health, and filling yourself up with positive energy!

I’m so proud to say in 2019 I’m making huge changes to our business plan, family plan, as well as my personal plan! All to include nature and getting back to who God has designed me to be! Resting on my creator, that I’m able to live my full purpose and to begin to walk into the wilderness! We all are rushing, stressing, and not able to enjoy 😊 now! I’m going to turn my camera πŸŽ₯ on and focus! Go within! Everyone wants to be a rabbit 🐰 in the race! But I have learn to look at the greatness of a turtle 🐒 life, focused, and enjoy the process! Thanks to Lori Bell my book mentor, I finally say yes to my process! I am Freddie B.! Know thyself!

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