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Motherhood – Hilarious

Jan. 30th 2019

My one year daughter got mad at me because I was taking to long to give her some of my juice! She trashed the house! Demanding Deana is what I call it rage and she hasn’t even turned two yet! My moms keeps reminding me of the terrible twosome! I’m enjoying motherhood is amazing 😉 and full of laughter! I can only imagine what I was like at this age! Time flys and it goes by to fast! I’m cherishing each moment, journaling and taking a step back into my childhood enjoying my little people!


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The struggle is real

Jan. 27th 2019

It’s amazing how folks won’t ever take personal accountability and will always blame other! There is truly a difference between a child and a adult and you would even have to speak on it! It amazing me how others won’t support the village! We are suppose to be here for each other!

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Let it flow

Jan. 26th 2019

We all deserve to have the desires of our flow! Our lives are a definition of where we are at this point! You can either resist the process or let is flow! The view is beautiful when your flowing, creating, and living without limitations! Be your own dream, live your destiny, and know that you are more than enough!

I remember when I resisted the flow, it caused stress, illness, issues, and internal anger! Be who you were born to be, never changing to be what people want you to be! God called me a very long time! Now I have learned to listen, go within, and to respect my progress! The universe is teaching me, healing me, and answering all my prayers! I took time for me! Self Care! You have to be still to find God in the mist! It’s truly a beautiful process and I’m grateful! I finally said “yes to the process” go get you a book from Lori Bell you can also follow her on Facebook!

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Jan. 24th 2019

Today I chose to take care of a few things for myself! It’s a blessing and honor to have been given all the responsibilities of my life! Therefore, we must schedule, plan, imagine, balance, prep, and take care of ourselves! I’m learning that the best way to care give is to make sure you get help, take care of you, and it’s good to restore, refresh, and reconnect! Especially on a rainy day!

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Small Business

Jan. 24th 2019

Hey Y’all,

I’m back! I’m not going to lie I truly enjoyed my month vacation, the holidays, and my family! Self-care is truly important for everyone especially if your a business owner, mother, student, teacher, consultant, artist, or creator! I enjoy reconnecting with nature, going into the wilderness, and meditation! I want to be my greatest version for myself and for all of your!

It’s the end of January and Valentines Day is write around the corner! I’m preparing to work with a client to do a very romantic and intimate event! I love what I do because I do so many things and you never know what great opportunities will be knocking on the door tomorrow! Keep planting seeds, marketing, creating, learning, and finding was to provide the needs of our customers! I’m grateful to have found my passion and to do what I truly love! Stay encouraged and I always tell my clients remember why you started! Remember what lit your fire and made you want to start that business! My business is all about spreading a positive message, support, healthy eating, and support for individuals who have IBS! I love farming, family, food, children, and sisterhood! My business reflects my love for the arts, desire to help others heal, and to pass on a amazing legacy of farming! That’s why you can always count on me to say “plant something” or “be fruitful and multiply” god did not say Adam marry Eve and go buy a house and find a job! 😂😂😂

Whatever you want to do you can do it, God has out everything you need within you! Just believe and you shall receive! Remember we attract what we are so let’s work towards being our greatest version everyday! Please join me on the 7 day vegan challenge! Remember health is wealth!

P.S. after 8 years of being ill with digestion issues I went vegan and received my healing! My business, ideas, and creation improved! Everything started to fall into place and became clearer! Once I started taking care of my body all the other areas of my life started to heal! My stomach, my Creations, my mental health, my emotional state, and ability to take my power back and plant 🌱 my own food again! Supporting, encouraging, and healing hundreds of others! Teaching others and assisting others in finding their purpose and ways to achieve their life goals and heart desires.

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Home Schooling

Jan. 24th 2019

I’m enjoying homeschooling and remembering my days on the farm! I remember the joy, laughter, and all the family lessons that helped me get to this point in life! The lessons of life that are helping me everyday! I’m encouraged to be able to past down the farm house legacy, education, survival tips, and farming skills to my children! I’m enjoying watching my 83 year old grandmother explain to them her role on the farm as a little girl! My one year old is writing and my four year old speaks three languages and is now working on addition! They never lied when they said children are like sponges and they absorb so much at a young age!

Finally, I’m able to reconnect with my children! I love ❤️ being able to focus on being a mom first and their first teacher! The pressures of being a career woman and travel at the drop of the dime has been laid to rest! Finally, I feel at peace grounded and living my life purpose! God open up my womb and gave me the gifts 🎁 of a life time and personally finally I feel like I’m doing my calling and raising, connect, embracing, laughing, and learning so much about my little ones more and more everyday! To think, I missed most of the precious memories when I went back to work after having children! My children laugh more, we play more, and I’m able to imagine! Living, loving, and creating a future with my little people! It’s a honor and pleasure to be their mother! Most of all it’s a honor to create with my children!

Capture the moment, and cease the day! Making moments that will make my heart ❤️ flutter 💓 for a lifetime! Motherhood has truly been life changing for me! And I love ❤️ it! ( in my Young Jeezy Voice)

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Rainy Day

Jan. 24th 2019

Happy Thursday it’s raining so good 😊 outside! It’s so meditating, refreshing, and relaxing! It’s like a new birth! I always get extra excited when it rains! It’s Gods way of providing one of our most important needs! Water 💦 for our gardens, water cleaned the snow off my car, and refilling the rivers that they may flow!

Life is like a garden and in this season I’m learning how to flow! It’s good to connect, ask questions, share views, and unite! We must embrace nature and all it has to teach us about our lives! God made us all unique, different, beautiful, and amazing! The earth is full of beautiful landscapes, places, and people! Blooming flowers 🌺 full of color, fragrance, and petals! Plant Something! I hope you all enjoy this raining day!

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Do It For Yourself

Jan. 15th 2019

Take one step and walk toward the goal! It’s starts with you! No one ☝️ know how much love, passion, or creation you have to bring forth into the earth! Share your love, vision, and calling through expressions! Walking to the Canvas Painting, smiling, dancing, and expressing! Living life unapologetically because everyone will judge you, but again go out and do it for yourself!

Self care, self motivation, self creation! I am a force of my own and I came to light the candles 🎂 of others that we will burn the sent of life, creativity, love, freedom, and expression p! Healing our souls! Live, love, and create!

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Social Media Fasting

Jan. 14th 2019

Life is full of distractions and things that don’t serve us! I’m enjoying my vacation! I’m taking a break in life to reflect, refresh, and to restore! I study hieroglyphics and Instagram. And be a bit overwhelming for me since I use it daily! This month has been all about reconnecting with the earth 🌏, myself, and my family!

I’ve for one in my life had a chance to do all the things that truly matter to my heart ❤️ desires! Life is like a garden walking wilderness one step at a time stripping all the untruths that were taught! Listening to God as he speaks to my soul through the birds, nature sounds, and water stream! Life is like a water fall we have to flow!

I hope you all have a amazing 2019! With balance, love ❤️, peace, and the strength to continue going! Love y’all!

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Southern Girl Make that Coffee Cream

Jan. 14th 2019

Happy Snow Day Y’all! The government is still shut down and my city is full of snow! The hubby is cleaning off the cars and I just finished cooking breakfast! My babies and I are singing songs and enjoying these sliced apples 🍎! I’m about that mom life y’all! Now I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee ☕️ “oh shit there’s no cream” . Thank god for traveling, my grandmother lessons on the farm, and these amazing Caribbean ingredients we inquired on travel a few months ago!

We can truly do anything we out our minds to! The cream was amazing as I went outside to serve my boo a canister while he cleans the cars! That’s good “what you put in my drink” ? That’s good old southern girl! Remember we can create, invent, make new things to warm our hearts in this amazing season! Stay warm, encourage, and if you are affected by the shutdown you can pick up food at your local church, food distribution center, or Giant! I pray everyone makes it out of this season with joy, and remember God will continue to provide all our needs! Love y’all!

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