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Archive for March, 2019

Enjoy Life

Mar. 28th 2019

Life is to short to me mad 😡, so get glad 😁! Learn to heal daily! Forgiving others, yourself, and allowing happiness to flow into your soul! We live in abundance and everything we need is within us all we have to do is show up! I’m so pour of us and our journey as sisters! My sister have grown and bloomed in some of the most amazing ways! Teaching me, loving me, helping me, and well as healing me! It takes a village and I’m grateful for my family and my tribe! Live your best life in great health, smiles, and creativity! You can have whatever you desire!

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Mar. 26th 2019

Happy spring! I hope you all are enjoying this new season of your life! Get ready for God to show up, show out, and bless you! I a living testimony of how you can have all the desires of your life! Keep going, keep planting, keep believing, and follow your heart ❤️! Everything you need is within you all you have to do is show up! Most of all remember god put some amazing things into your DNA that has make you unique, worthy, and amazing! Love y’all!

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Speak Your Truth

Mar. 14th 2019

Hey Y’all, it’s almost spring! I’m so excited about the change, growth, and new possibilities that God has in store for my life! I have accepted my calling and I’m so excited to walk in my own true! I am who I am and I love all of me!

I’m so excited to plant my seeds 🌱 my seeds indoor to prepare for outdoors! My children are growing fast and now mommy has more helpers! I’m enjoying keeping things exciting, exploring, and teaching them more that will help them be themselves! Life is like a garden full of abundance! What are you passionate about? All I care about is my family, gardening, loving, and creating! What else are we living for in this life?

Finally, I asked myself again what is my priority for my life, visions, goals, and legacy! It would have to be my Farm House 🏡 Legacy and sharing the experiences with my children! Do what you love! I encouraged you all today to live, love ❤️, and create! Speak your truth even if your voice shakes! Love y’all!

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Vision Board 2019

Mar. 12th 2019

This year has been all about new possibilities, stretching myself, and living life to the fullest! I’m working on getting clear on what I need and what I want! Motherhood, Caregiving, and being a Wife is a blessing! However, I have neglected myself Care and after all I been through I’m getting back to me! I’m gardening, farming, and moving towards my dreams one step at a time! Whatever your heart desires go for it! You are truly more than enough!

What god has for us, is for us! Continue to fast, pray, meditate, and to do the work. I’m so grateful! This year I was on Instagram and I came across a book called “Just Jump” all year I have been preparing for a new flight! I highly recommend the book by Lenee Valentine! Enjoy 😊 and keep your eye on your path, journey, and vision board! What we plant today will bloom tomorrow.

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I’m Excited!

Mar. 2nd 2019

God has a amazing way at making each of us, show up in the most amazing way! It’s about to be spring and I’m so excited about all the things I learned this week! Life is like a garden, so things will survive and thrive and other herbs 🌿 will take over the garden! I’m prepared to plant in some amazing sun light! I’m grateful for every season of my life that Is forcing me into my nature flow of relaxation, Creations, love ❤️, and farming! Do what you love!

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