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Custom Creations offers an array of services to fit your needs. Below you will find our 2016 pricing list. Please note that many of these are STARTING prices and can increase based on length, texture and density of hair, as well as the size of your locs. If you would like a specific quote, we recommend you visit our salon for a FREE consultation. Consults are offered every Saturday between 9am-1pm, no appointment necessary.

Loc Maintenance

bullet Starter Locs: $100- $150 (this price is for new clients as well as those locing for less than 12 months)
bullet Palm roll: $70 (this prioe assumes you have been locing for atleast 12 months)
bullet Interlocking: $80 and up(cost depends on new growth and time needed)

Loc Styling

bullet Curly Sets (Pipe Cleaners, Flexi Rods, Perm rods): Add $20 to service
bullet Crinkly Sets (Plaits, 2 strand Twist): Add $15 to service
bullet Loc Loops/ Petals: Add $25 to service
bullet Bantu Knots: Add $25 to service
bullet Loc Updos: Add $10 to service ( add $15 to service if updo includes curly set). More elaborate loc updos are $20

Loc Coloring

bullet Root retouch: $30 added to service
bullet Hi Lites: $40 added to service
bullet Full Head Color (Permanent or Semi-permanent): $50 for the first tube of color, $15-20 for each additional tube of color.

bullet Loc Repair: Do you have locs that have weakended or broken off, we can fix them. $5- $10 per loc
bullet Loc Extensions: We do not offer this service

Wear your hair naturally? We can take care of you as well.

bullet Two Strand Twist: $65 and up
bullet Braid Out/ Twist Out: $45 and up
bullet The Big Chop: $45 (includes shampoo and deep condition, does not include styling)
bullet Flat Twist: $65 and up
bullet Cornrows (no hair added): $65 and up
bullet Rod Sets: $60 and up


bullet Root retouch:$30 added to service
bullet Hi Lites: $40 added to service
bullet Full Head Color (Permanent or Semi-permanent): $50