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Chart Yourself

07/02/19 3:22 PM

You would be surprised how much social media, the world 🌎, your children, parents, and spouse are monitoring and charting you! Everyone knows us and sometimes it’s more than we know ourselves! What triggers do you have? What makes you sad? What are your routines? How do you feel? What gets you motivated? Sometime we have to sit down and reflect! It’s truly good to chart yourself, keep a emotional journal, and track you progress! How do you know when you are growing? How do you know when you have been doing a good job unless someone else tells you?

Take some time today to focus on self-care, self love ❤️, self expression, and spending time with yourself! We are always busy sometimes we often forget to listen to ourselves! I hope you all have a amazing day! I’m so proud of each and everyone of you! You woke up! Let’s make it count! Just be!

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