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Family Reunion

06/08/19 6:46 PM

It’s the most important time of the year! I’m so grateful for my families legacy, growth, and unity! The Williamson and Corbett’s have been coming together for 47 years! I was very shocked to here that my 84 year old grandmother was the person who suggested and started this gathering! I am grateful that this tradition continues today! I have learned so much about my history and met so many of my cousins. Life is truly like a garden! Man was mean to be 🍉 fruitful and multiply his seeds creating people, a new world, laughter, love and togetherness! I love to hear of all the cousins and their cousins in the town who get together for the other reunion. Now it’s time for my grandfathers side to have their reunion this weekend! I am overjoyed 😁!

We are ” William Marshall Graves” a amazing farmer 👨‍🌾 who was once a slave! He was freed at the age of nine years old! He worked hard and bought plenty of land! He had enough land that we are able to live, farm, and grow as family! He was fruitful and multiplied! I can’t wait to see his seeds this Saturday! Turn down for what??

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