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14/03/19 1:31 PM

Hey Y’all, it’s almost spring! I’m so excited about the change, growth, and new possibilities that God has in store for my life! I have accepted my calling and I’m so excited to walk in my own true! I am who I am and I love all of me!

I’m so excited to plant my seeds 🌱 my seeds indoor to prepare for outdoors! My children are growing fast and now mommy has more helpers! I’m enjoying keeping things exciting, exploring, and teaching them more that will help them be themselves! Life is like a garden full of abundance! What are you passionate about? All I care about is my family, gardening, loving, and creating! What else are we living for in this life?

Finally, I asked myself again what is my priority for my life, visions, goals, and legacy! It would have to be my Farm House 🏡 Legacy and sharing the experiences with my children! Do what you love! I encouraged you all today to live, love ❤️, and create! Speak your truth even if your voice shakes! Love y’all!

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