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Vision Board 2019

12/03/19 7:56 PM

This year has been all about new possibilities, stretching myself, and living life to the fullest! I’m working on getting clear on what I need and what I want! Motherhood, Caregiving, and being a Wife is a blessing! However, I have neglected myself Care and after all I been through I’m getting back to me! I’m gardening, farming, and moving towards my dreams one step at a time! Whatever your heart desires go for it! You are truly more than enough!

What god has for us, is for us! Continue to fast, pray, meditate, and to do the work. I’m so grateful! This year I was on Instagram and I came across a book called “Just Jump” all year I have been preparing for a new flight! I highly recommend the book by Lenee Valentine! Enjoy 😊 and keep your eye on your path, journey, and vision board! What we plant today will bloom tomorrow.

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